Apostolic and Prophetic Revival Movement

Revival Africa!!!

The Lord God knows the seasons and the times. He arranges and fixes every event to serve His direct purposes, whether we see it or not, anticipate it or not…whether we can glue and piece the puzzles together or not. God knows just how to use even those very things that the enemy had planned against the apple of the Father’s eye for evil in order to make it work out for good.  If it applies for every child of God, then surely it should apply to the land upon which His people dwell.  The voice and heart of the Father toward Africa is that “I have not forgotten you, Africa.  I do not forget. As it is not possible for a woman to give birth to a baby and forget to nurse him/her, so the Lord will not, did not and CAN NOT forget or forsake Africa. Africa does not belong to the oppressor. Africa does not belong to the thief. Africa does not even belong to itself. Africa is God’s.

The Lord is awakening His people to a mighty prophetic move that is birthed out in and through the continent of Africa. The Church is called to prophetic functioning and movement. If we be apostles, prophets, preachers, evangelists, teachers, shepherds, etc., we shall be the prophetic kind. This is the vision behind the Apostolic and Prophetic Revival Movement: Revival Africa Prayer Conference that took place in Soweto from the 30th of September 2013 to the 3rd of October 2013. The heart of this conference was to stir within the people of God the desire to pray for all the countries, nations of Africa. I found it absolutely prophetic and humbling that every nation within the continent would be represented by an ambassador-a servant of the Lord who comes from that particular country. These men and women of God would then be the point of contact in prayer. One who comes from Nigeria, for instance, would stand for every heart, every household, and every name that can be traced to Nigeria and as the servant of the Lord brought prayers to the Lord, the multiple voices and cries of Nigerians would be so carried to the Lord as well. This was to be done for South Africa, Congo, Kenya, Zimbabwe and so forth.

I found my heart full of awe and gratitude during the first and second day of the Conference. In such a time as this, the Lord would carefully arrange every event in my life leading up to me being right in the middle of this power-packed move. What a grace. What an awakening. What an assignment. What a mandate given to all of us! In the same vein, it was as if the Lord was expressing that everything that Africa has experienced will not act as a deviation from  Him but will  and has worked to draw Africa unto Him-even when the enemy had planned painful and unjust events for its harm. God is faithful. Is it not like God to pull a fast one on us? When you think that the story will turn out in a particular way- He being the greatest author there ever has been, puts a twist in the story, He keeps you glued and wondering “WOW I wonder what He will do next”. More than that-He makes sure that the end is victorious, glorious and strong! In other words-it is not over yet.  And for Africa, it is only the beginning. When there is a call to pray and a prophetic voice behind such a movement, you know that PapaGod is up to something BIG-you can expect it to stretch and reach beyond the four walls. It is a move for souls and a move for the nations!

For the LORD God does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants the prophets…” Amos 3:7 (ESV)

Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba was invited to be the ambassador for the nation of Congo as one of the opening ministers, along with those who were standing in the place of Nigeria.  This, I found was profound, considering the fact that the heartbeat of JTL is the teaching of the Word, evangelism and prayer –with the ultimate goal in mind being the salvation of the nations.  The 30th of September, a Monday was characterised by much worship to the Lord and the teaching of the Word by the church’s presiding Bishop. The man of God, Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba led the congregation in praise and worship, opening with the prophetic song “AFRICA WILL BE SAVED” and later in closing, thanking the Lord in the song “Siyabonga Jesu”.



The people of God prayed in unity for the nation of Nigeria, making three main requests:

      The removal of wicked individuals from places of power and leadership and replace them with the godly, for when the godly are in rulership-the city will rejoice.

      Curse everything that has been made a god, which is in fact NOT God-idols, spirits, shrines, witchdoctors, etc.

      The restoration of the glory of Nigeria and the removal of the bad perception that other nations, especially have of Nigeria.

The following day, the 1st of October was surely the day for Congo, wherein Pastor Ebenezer led the people of God in prayer, making two main prayer requests:

      For the Lord to give back to us the weapons that are of His Kingdom to fight and stand with, instead of Congo bearing and using the weapons of the world. Not technology, not intellectualism, not even money, but weapons that are might through God for the pulling down of strongholds

      The restoration of the greatness of Christ-not of man, in Congo. Such greatness is that of LOVE.

“God has allowed what has happened to Congo in order to teach Congo the road of FAITH. The greatness of Africa is not the greatness of money or intellect, but it is the greatness of the Spirit of God. With all that has happened-all the wars, dictatorship…people turned to God. People there may not have meals at lunch but will still be in church, have no jobs but still take care of their pastors. So if you are here in South Africa and you have what you need but still complain I think there are people on this earth who can judge you.”      ~Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba at the Revival Africa Conference, 01/10/2013.

God favoured and blessed us in this night with a prophetic Word from His servant, Prophet Andre Louw, who spoke on the African Renaissance. In this timely message, we understand that Africa is dear to the heart of God. It was Africa that nursed, fed and protected Jesus in the flesh for the first thirteen years of his life when he and his parents were hiding from King Herod in Egypt.  This hospitality to the Son of God is NOT FORGOTTEN by God. It was Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus to carry the cross for the last mile- an African man, a black man who was only minding his business was entrusted with the burden of the salvation of the NATIONS. God has always had Africa in His mind. We are blessed to be sons of Africa-carrying a heavy weight of glory.

What I can that God enlarged and stretched my ‘LOVE-TANK’ for the brethren of Africa. He gave me a heart for His own. i will boldly declare the words in Isaiah-no longer will you (Africa) be put to shame but you will be called SOUGHT AFTER!


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