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JTL(Jesus Christ to all Languages) Joburg For Jesus (Week 1)


Jesus Is, and because of that, We Are in Him. Redefining our true identity in Christ

Wits: Men’s Residences
24 September 2013

We had had a braai earlier on that Tuesday. Later on, we paid Men’s Res a visit having a wonderful message in our hearts: The Gospel of Christ Jesus. In opening, warriors raised their voices as they were trampling on snakes and wicked forces in Prayer, setting the place on fire, preparing the way for the Word, making crooked paths straight, filling up valleys, and levelling hills in the Name of Jesus. Just to ensure that not only the ones inside the TV room heard the Name that was being proclaimed, I would say it is a stunt that we pulled: we got on tables and chairs and screamed the Name of Jesus!

We were led into a discussion by Pastor Joshua Kiluba under the topic: what can be done to get men to occupy their rightful positions in society and the Church. Something profound was said by one of the respondents. He said that what we ought to do is to let others understand who we truly are, our being in Christ should not be hidden. Another respondent said something very important, that we should not judge others. It is essential to learn that we, who are in Christ, have not been given the mandate to judge, but we have been called to witness.

MC: Brother Tshepiso
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Sandile

Walking under the theme: Jesus Is, Evangelist Sandile shared a message on the Grace of Jesus not only to those wandering about in the trackless desert without true guidance (the lost sheep), but also to those in the house (the lost coin) and also those who were once in the house but failed to acknowledge the authority above them (the lost son). This was a very powerful message, relevant to the theme because at the end of everything, there is only one Man, who is the living Word, Jesus Christ Himself, who saves all by His Grace.

We were led into Worship and Praise by Voices of Heaven under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba

An amazing time we had in the presence of the Lord! Although some were scared at first, they gave thanks for the invitation to fellowship with us at the end. Revival has indeed been birthed in Men’s Res! Men arising! Praise is to the Most High God, who by The Power and Authority of His Name, we were able to bring down Satan and his agents at Men’s Res. Yes, it was proclaimed #Jesus Is
It might have been for a few hours, but what was done was not “playing church”, the message that was proclaimed is surely written on the tablets of the hearts of those in Men’s Res, and it shall remain to influence those who are still making way to Wits.

Wits: Men’s Residences Open Air
26 September 2013

Men’s Res is loved. We paid them another lovely visit; just to give Satan another heavy blow in his face. This time around we went outside, having Jesus proclaimed in the Open Space, shouting His name on the rooftops!

Voices of Heaven, under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba, led us in Worship and Praise.

Pastor Joshua Kiluba shared a message so simple but yet so powerful: Love. Jesus bore the pain of the Cross; He wore a crown of thorns for our redemption, so we should not be held prisoners when Jesus died for us to be free. He died in public, so we must also proclaim His Name in the Open Space. We learned that Jesus was not ashamed of the Cross, He was not ashamed to carry our sins, He persevered so that we can tap into the abundant life God has for us through Him.

Pastor Joshua Kiluba preaching at Men's Res

Pastor Joshua Kiluba preaching at Men’s Res

There was no alter call but, we believe that as we were led in the closing prayer by Pastor Joshua, there were people making serious life decisions to allow Christ to have a home in their hearts forever

We saw that it is true, many know about Jesus, but it is not many who are bold enough proclaim their identity in Christ to the world. However, the shame that people carry when it comes to their identity in Christ was eliminated because we learned once again that because #Jesus Is, so are we!

Wits: Matrix Open Air
27 September 2013

Servants of the Lord still in the fire to proclaim the name of Jesus! We gathered outside the Matrix with Bambanani Brass Band handling the music. People stopped by to listen to the band. When the band was stopped for the time of preaching, they still remained, glory is to God!

Even outside the Matrix, Prayer is of key importance. Somebody needed to clear the atmosphere for the Word of God penetrate people’s hearts

Pastor Ebenezer proclaiming Jesus Christ

Pastor Ebenezer proclaiming Jesus ChristPassersby stopped by to listen

Passersby stopped by to listen

Pastor Ebenezer Proclaiming Jesus Christ

Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba shared a wonderful message calling us into the eternal life through Christ, the life that is constant. We don’t have to make our gods! We just have to receive Christ because He is the everlasting God. What we make out to be our gods we can destroy ourselves.

We are called inside, into the Life of Christ. Outside there is frustration that is brought by the changing world around us. When we live this life, we are free. When we are called to mind to what Christ did at the Cross, we will understand that Christ died so that we can be who He wants us to be. “When you make Him (Jesus) what He is, He will make you what you must be”.

We were called into freedom by the hope-giving message that we heard, Jesus died for all. He is the Saviour of all creation. There is disappointment in the things of the world, But God is constant; His Joy is constant, His Love never changes.

The message reached hearts. There was no alter call made, but hearts were touched. We were led into Prayer by Pastor Ebenezer and those who were touched by the Spirit of God were called for counselling in Umthombo 1.

Wits University: United Praise

28 September 2013


Guest Speaker: Pastor Gavin

MC: Pastor Joshua Kiluba

Exam time has been known to be a stressful time for students. People lose confidence during this time, fear comes in. But this time, we are not doing it the World-way, we are doing it the Christ-way. We have inherited a life of praise through Christ Jesus. The Israelites were crying when they were pursued by the Egyptians. God did not entertain their “drama”, He just asked :”Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on”. How do you cry when God has told you that you have victory? The walls of Jericho were brought down not with stressing, tears, but with Praise. God has declared victory, we just have to walk in.

On that Saturday, Voices of Heaven and Active Worship led us through the service. It was not a time to cry, but a time for praise. The world has a way of making things appear as though it is the end, but we know, our God is not limited by no system. If Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego could stand inside the burning furnace and come out without any injury, what are exams?  The waters swallowed the army of Pharaoh, not the chosen of God. The mind needs to be redefined, we need to know who we are: we walk in Power, Miracles, we live a life of favour.

God is good! Umthombo1 was filled with praises, and Pastor Gavin, very funny, gave us a word to root us in our identity in Christ. We were created to reveal the glory of God.

Wits University: Men of Influence Sunday Service
29 September 2013

The men of Jesus to All Languages stand unmoved and unshaken in their cry and belief of the raising that the Lord is doing in this season-the raising up of men in the Body of Christ
The JTL brothers graced the celebration with white on black attires as a note of unity and distinction and wowed the crowd with a song entitled “Amazing Grace”, an expression of the work of the Lord that every son and daughter of the Kingdom can identify with. Needless to say that the surprise was a sure hit! I do not think that anyone saw that coming. One would maintain that the brothers raised the bar to a new level-as Pastor Ebenezer always emphasizes “it is always better to work together-the Body must learn how to work together”. The man of God, Evangelist Chris Mduduzi, the man of fire ministered on “fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit”. A dynamic visitation of the Lord that was. The servant of the Lord maintains that a man cannot be influential in whatever sphere he finds himself in-be it in the family, the church, and marketplace, university campus, in governmental office or amongst friends unless that man lives a life of fellowshipping with the Spirit of the Lord. There was absolutely no way that the ladies would let the Lord pass them by! The brothers of JTL laid the foundation in taking charge of the service-from the ushering, singing, preaching, intercession, Men of Influence Choir singing and MC’ing- it was a note to say “you can expect the men to do walk in this kind of leadership and service more and more henceforth”.

Evangelist Mduduzi Preaching about the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Evangelist Mduduzi Preaching about the fellowship of the Holy Spirit


Saints listening attentively as mysteries are revealed

Saints listening attentively as mysteries are revealed

The Evangelism campaign is no a show. It is not going around and quoting Scriptures. It is way more than that. It is imparting in people the truth, it is working to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. Because of Noah’s sacrifice that pleased God, the world has escaped God’s curse. It is not just an Open Air at the Matrix, or Evangelism at Men’s Res, it is a spiritual Work that breaks chains now and in the future. All Glory be is to God for the Victory we have witnessed.

Total Freedom!!


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