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Questions Christians Often Want to Ask (cont)

Questions and answers session 2

25th September 2013

The first portion of every Wednesday service at U1, WITS.

Answers provided by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba and Pastor Joshua Kiluba

1.       Since Heaven and Earth will pass away, does this also mean that angels will pass away as well?

A: Angels are eternal, heavenly beings, in as much as demons and the inner man of the human being are eternal. Therefore they will not pass away. The spirits of man live on forever, demons will be in eternal punishment, and angels will remain in God’s service forever. God also has a reward for the work of the angels as well, the angels that have remained faithful to him.

2.       If a person dreams of his/her late grandmother, for example, does this mean that they are now angels communicating to us?

A: Any dream that comes from God communicates the plans of God and will not steer you away. So the key thing about any dream is the message therein. But remember the story of the rich man who dies and did not go to Paradise whilst Lazarus went to be in Abraham’s bosom in Paradise? He was already dead but wished to return to warn his brothers to live aright in order to avoid hell. But Jesus’ answer was that people on earth already have MESSENGERS- the scriptures, the servants of God…and if people fail to adhere to their words then they will not be moved by dreams. Where is the dream taking you? Again Jesus took three disciples to the mountain wherein the transfiguration included individuals who had already passed. So the key thing is determining the source and the message of what you are dreaming.

3.       How paramount is financial prosperity to the 21st century believer? Are Christians who are not wealthy, occupying high workplace positions or esteemed in status any less blessed or anointed or trustworthy with finances? Is financial wealth a standard for the NOW-century?

A: Finances are just a tool and not a goal, which means it could be used in others ways or for other purposes as well. In the last days people will become lovers of money. So it is not that this is the standard of God, but it is the standard of man. People have gone to an extent of tying spirituality to material things, yet our God is neither gold nor silver. Finances help only to attain one goal or another. There are two groups of people in the church-those who separate themselves from the world n regard money as something that they also should not have, and those who believe that the kingdom life includes to a large extent the possession of the gold and the silver. People of God need to know what the purpose of finance is and secondly-what is the purpose of suffering. Look at it critically. The Israelites went from Egypt, to the wilderness and the Promised Land. When you are in the dessert, there is no supply of milk and honey; there is nothing you can do.  The problem comes in when individuals takes their desert phase and makes that the cores standard of life for all Christians. The wilderness experience is meant to help us manage what God gives us, cleanse and purge us of all kinds of affections other than God so that even when God trusts us with money, we will not make it a god. The Promised Land is still coming. The dessert will not last forever. There are people called especially into the area of raising finance for the purposes of the Kingdom for evangelism work. We cannot all be the same thing. God will always ensure that every child of His is taken care of.

4.       Since Christ died before the foundations of the earth were laid and God knew everything that would happen-the fall of man and all the evil that would happen in the earth, does this mean that God knew who would be saved and who would be condemned?

A: If God should create people for destruction then the work of Jesus Christ on the cross would be in vain. There is a condemnation accrued to man without him committing any act. It was by the sin of one man alone that death and condemnation entered the world. God had to work in advance to cover up for all the innocent people who would have to pay for this consequence-people born in a wrong influence. Jesus Christ has died in order to give EVERYBODY a choice. Yes God knows it all, but despite knowing it all He believes in us that there is a chance. I wouldn’t spend R50 000 sending you to Wits if I did not believe the best in you. God cannot make all that investment for nothing. Even if He knows he is giving us a chance. Why is Christ still interceding for us? There is a chance. It is the will of God that all man must be said and come to the knowledge of God.

5.       The Book of Revelation usually mentions innumerable crowds of people from all tribes and languages. Does that verse attempt to show us that there is still room for souls in Heaven (because it is impossible for God to not know the exact number) or will there only be the 144 000 individuals only in Heaven?

A: The door is still open; there is no number that has been set. You can either include or exclude yourself. Not God.

6.       What keeps people from receiving the Gospel when it is preached to them? If two are ministered to- one may be saved and the other rejects the Lord.

A: Before Christ dies, there was this thing in man that was hostile to God. It is that nature of sin that makes man to resist God. The work of Christ destroyed all that. There is no excuse-Jesus has taken care of it. The enemy’s work of opposition can be overcome. Jesus has already overcome and this gives us confidence to pray and preached because we know of the enemy’s defeat. Satan fights not because he has victory-he still fights a losing battling. Sometimes the enemy places a veil over people so that they may not receive the word in the mind it is being spoken. Prayer and the revealed word can break that though.at the cross, Christ said “it is finished”. Some churched don’t evangelise anymore because it is written that nobody can come to Jesus Christ lest the Father draws him. But then what about another scripture that says that if I (Jesus Christ) be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself. So if people are not drawn to the Lord, it means that the Church is not lifting Him up high enough heaven was planned for but hell was only created AFTER the enemy rebelled and it was then prepared for him and his angels for punishment. Everyone has the same potential to be saved.

7.       What happens when a person dies?

A: Read Luke 16:19-31. When a person dies, the soul returns to the Lord to await the reward and the body returns to the earth to be as dust again.

8.       If a Christian woman is being physically and verbally abused by her husband who not only professes to be Christian as well but also abuses the children, what is she to do in that circumstance? Is divorce the only permanent protection for her and her kids? What about the fact that it is the man given liberty to divorce the wife and not the other way around? Matt 5:32 and 1 Corinthians 7:10.

A: It does not mean that when you are a Christian that you do not have rights. Romans 13:3-6.  God is behind the establishment of laws that punish harmful behaviours against others even, so even if a pastor goes and hits someone, that pastor must then live with the legal consequences thereafter. God wants us to be the good citizens, the light of the world. Again, there are certain Christian issues that cannot be taken to court for dealing because the Constitution does not facilitate such. So there are some issues that God has given to human beings to judge, others to Himself, and some to the elders. As much as we have rights, we must be able to assess. If the Lord could take someone away from you and put them in prison, it is saying that this person is a danger to your existence. Approach of the bible: when there is an issue, start resolving it in the church. But when the abuser does not submit even to the authority of the church, then it is dangerous. Then introduce the hand and authority of the law, after having had weigh everything via the wisdom of the church leaders. Lastly, let no man put asunder what God has put together. It is not the man who puts together, but it is God. Only God has the last say as to whether the couple should go forward or stop-neither the man nor the woman.

9.        Is getting married to a divorced individual a new revelation that we are not aware of? Since the Bible says that adultery is committed in this instance.

A: God desires mercy and not sacrifice. Sometimes we want to apply the rule from heaven as it is, but sometimes things are much more complex. The Bible is key, however, in certain regards we need to stop first because the letter kills and the Spirit gives life. Refer to Genesis 38 and John 8 (how would you judge this?). When people chose Christ the past is gone and the new has surely. We cannot take the past marital glitches and tie them to these individuals in case where they occurred before receiving Christ.

10.   Where does the power come from for people who are practicing traditional or ancestral divination?

A: Their power comes from the enemy. There is the power of GOD the power of the enemy. The enemy functions with a power that he had had when he was with God. The Bible also gives an account of false prophets and magicians working not with the Spirit of God but the spirit of the devil. That is why we need to the test the spirit. We must not only be impressed by the ability to do miracles and prophesy only. These people are not connected to God, so their power is not of Him. Nobody comes to the Father except by Jesus Christ-not by other folks’ names. The devil is the father of lies. Lies are any and everything that is not sourced in God. Everything that does not come from God is sourced from the devil, even if some traditional healers will work with bibles-mixing. The things of God are without mixture.

11.   Is God’s mercy limited to certain people while excluding others, for example, if a man wants to marry another man, where and how would mercy apply?

A:  The most important thing is that mercy draws us to a place of repentance. If certain habits and lifestyles were normal to you before Christ, then once you receive Christ they do not count anymore. According to God, you are beginning from square one. In the sense that there is no “stoning” that will take place. Not to condone the sin because the key here is that after Jesus spoke to the crowd about the John 8 woman, He said that she ought to not sin anymore. Therefore, after having had come to Christ and having knowledge of what is wrong and right, then one has to change one’s ways. Now that one has received mercy, there has to be conformity to the ways and the instructions of the Lord. The Lord works a transformation inside of us. If people who are in wrong habits or lifestyles, it would be better if these individuals could acknowledge that they were bound to act or life in a certain way. In such a case then, the church could start to work slowly with them to bring about that transformation. The world works in a similar way- luring people into a lot of things slowly until they are then bound. Salvation is a willing heart, and not just power in the body.

The end of Q & a Session 2


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