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Questions Christians Want to Ask

Jesus To All Languages hosts Q & A sessions just before the Wednesday service in order to answer the types of questions that Christians may find difficult to ask. We found that the issues and questions brought up are intricate to a young person’s walk with the Lord. When we know better, we can always do better and encourage other Christian brothers and sisters to follow suit in doing things God’s way. It all starts with asking a question.

Q & A Session One

18th Sepetember 2013

First portion of Every Wednesday Service @ U1, WITS.

Answers by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba and  Pastor Joshua Kiluba

How can we be young people in this world who are not burning with all sorts of passions?

A: There are passions that are positive and those that are negative. Positive passions can be drives and interests or a love for something that is good and beneficial, for example, music. A negative passion is something that is of a destructive nature and is meant to take you away from the ways and will of God. You need to ask yourself what passions are taking you and what effect are they having on your life. This calls for wisdom and an honest evaluation of yourself and what you are after. Passions are powerful. Some people get entrapped in passions that they struggle to come out. What are your passions giving birth to? With that said cultivate good and healthy or beneficial passions and weigh them before pursuing them. Weigh the potential effect they will have on your life and walk with the Lord. As for negative passions-RUN! The Bible exhorts young people to flee from all youthful lusts. Not weigh, evaluate or negotiate, but run as far as you can from them.

What do you do when you feel that you want to pray but feel as if something is preventing you?

A: Prayer is a spiritual thing and you are a human being. A spiritual thing must be approached and dealt with from a spiritual level. The first thing you must do is to get yourself out the flesh. There is what we call the preparation for prayer by way of prayer in order to subdue the influence of the flesh from dictating whether you will pray or not and even how you pray. If you want what the Spirit wills, the flesh must always come down. It is time to get a thirst, an appetite for prayer. It is this thirst that will push beyond the boredom when it comes to praying, especially when the Holy Spirit is the one keeping you up at night for that main reason.

Is it safe to donate blood? What are the possibilities that the blood donated will be used for ungodly or even satanic purposes, which could be to our detriment or disadvantage?

A: The heart behind donation of blood is really beautiful- wanting to help another life. Do not worry about your blood being used for other things. Are you aware of the fact that so many bad things could be happening to us if the Lord was not the one keeping us? The wicked do not need blood alone-they can use strands of your hair; portions of your sweat…all carry tour DNA. God is taking care of you, therefore do not worry or listen to superstition.

Is it possible for Christians to idolize their leaders or pastors? Where do we draw the line between spiritual parenting and idolatry?

A: Yes it is possible. There is a difference between fanatism (blind following) and sonship in the things of God. Fanatism is very carnal. In fanatism, people will follow or love a servant of the Lord for as long as he/she does what they want or like and in their way. As soon as there is a clash or they find offense in the servant of the Lord, they change completely. Is it not that after Jesus preached He was the bread of life that many of His disciples left Him? Is it not the Corinthian church that disputed as to whether others followed Paul and others Apollos? Idolatry is taking anything or any person and putting them in the place of God. Sonship is about catching and flowing with the spirit of the servant of the Lord-not just outwards works.

 Must females not do the work of preaching in the church?

A: The bible does not contradict itself at all. If God can use even animals to speak His message, then He can surely use a woman. If God can use women in the Old Testament in His divine plans and even cause some to win wars such as Deborah, then surely the foundation has been laid to allow women to rise to the work of ministry. God did not intend to exclude women out of this, for in the last days, daughters, women and maidservants will be prophesying and seeing visions as well Joel 2. In terms of head coverings-the believers of the Corinthian church were bringing matters and conflicts of the home into the church and some issues were tied to the Jewish culture of that time, such as head coverings (a means of recognising authority). In Christ there is neither male nor female, Greek or Jew. With regards to even women’s clothing-women should be decent. In saying that women must not wear pants, let us consider the fact that some men in Scotland and the Arabian wear skirts and dress-like apparel respectively as their societal attire. Thus where does that leave the equation of pants?

Is there life outside of the solar system, or life other than that of mankind beyond our world?

A: What we know is that God created the Heavens and the Earth, with earth being everything material. And we also know that he created man and then made man in His very own image. And we are not told of any other forms of life.

Was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil planted by the enemy as a snare to the people of God?

A: The Bible says that God planted a garden in Eden, so it could not have been the enemy. Adam and Eve were not born as infants from the womb. Therefore even after their placement in the garden, there was much they still had to mature into concerning the things of God. It is not that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was inherently bad, but I believe that eventually-in due time, that God would have allowed Adam and Eve to eat of it…within the right context.

Why is it that people from JTL run around whenever they are praying?

A: I cannot speak for others, only myself. When I am physically active during prayer, it is because of the fire that I feel and it is almost hard to contain. Thus the movements you may see are an outward expression of what is going on inside.

How can we love something that is in our lives, even if it good, but allow it to not disturb our walk with the Lord?

A: The safest thing to do is to take the things that we love and care for and place them before the Lord. Things can get quite messy when we want to love and still keep things for ourselves. Therefore, give it to the Lord and allow Him to keep the loved thing for you-then your love for it will not be out of balance or working against the love and service for Him. Only if it is in His hands. In light of Kin g David- he did not love women as such because the Jewish culture allowed for kings to have many wives. He fell into temptation with Bathsheba-it was not the fact that he wanted another wife which was the problem, but the manner in which he went about it. Thus when his unborn son died, he prayed for the life to be preserved, mourned after the passing away and continued with life again-God was teaching us there how to approach the loss of a loved one. It is not that David did not care.

The end of Q & A Session One



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