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Uplifted Life Summer Camp 2013

22 November 2013-24 November 2013

Campsite: Kimiad Campsite

Location: Heidelberg

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Everyone gathered outside Senate House, Wits, where we waited for the buses. The first load left for Heidelberg at around 12h30 and the last load at around 14h30

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There was one group which had a rather interesting trip to the campsite. The driver of that minibus decided to drop this group off by the road, about 15 minutes away from the campsite because there was trouble with getting to the campsite. This group had a pre camp!

The campsite was very natural. There was a lot of vegetation and the name of the place suggests that there is a mountain nearby. It was a very nice place. We shared rooms in groups of ranging from 5-11.  

The groups which were there earlier had some lunch, and then later on everyone had supper.


Opening Service

After supper, everyone made way to the hall where Church services were held. We had our opening service.


MC: Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba

Main Speaker: Evangelist Mduduzi

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The Evangelist’s message was titled: The Word of God. We were taught about the supremacy of the Word of God with a reference Scripture from Psalms. We got to understand that the Word of God is above the Name of God. In the beginning, as John 1:1 reveals, was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. In heaven, salvation was not needed. The name of the Lord has been given to us so that through it we may be saved. In the beginning was the Word…That is why we hear the Psalmist David say that the Lord has exalted His Word above all His names. The Word first, then the Name!    

After the wonderful revelation we received from Evangelist Mduduzi, it was time for the camp attendees to introduce themselves. From the 1st person, to the, approximately, 90th person, people said their names. We heard Pastor Ebenezer say his introduction in Zulu: “ighama lam umfundisi Ebenezer”. That was very classic!

Afterwards, we called it a night.


This was the day where most of the camp activities were done. We started off by a leaders’ prayer at 04h00, then after that there was prayer for everyone at 05h00. We had a very long programme for the day; the prayer made us spiritually fit, but we had to get our muscles ready for the day. Brother Norman and Sister Tshegofalo were our physical fitness instructors. We had an awesome session with them!

Our sisters prepared for us a delicious meal to start the day. The doctors say it’s the most important meal of the day, those sisters added meaning to that! Straight after that, we went to the Church hall where we had our first service.

Lesson 1 with Pastor Joshua


He shared a message titled: The outer garment

There was a need for Jesus to give His body as a sacrificial offering for the forgiveness of sins. There is no love without the body. Although the work of the Cross is a Spiritual work, the body was needed. There is a relationship between the body and the spirit. When the body is bound, so is the spirit. That explains why Satan was fighting the Archangel Michael over the body of Moses.

Before Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He took off His outer garment and tied a towel round His waist. Why? He taking off His outer garment was a call for His disciples to intimacy with Him. There is no real love without intimacy. The basin, towel and water represent the love. It is time to enter the Love of God.

After receiving the mystery behind the body, we had our empowering workshops.

There were five schools namely: Business and leadership led by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba, Speaking and writing led by Sister Audrey Katsidzira, Preachers led by Pastor Joshua Kiluba and Evangelist Mduduzi, Music led Brother Elijah, and Intercession led by Evangelist Adrian Floor and Sister Sello Molele. The workshops lasted for about an hour and thereafter we had our lunch. Our meal times were used very profitably by the camp attendees in terms of forming new friendships, and learning new languages. One of the brothers mentioned that they learned speaking French!

We received a double portion of anointed preaching on that Saturday!

Lesson 2 with Pastor Mantsha


There is no love that exists out of God. It does not matter if its romantic or family love, if it does not have God, it is not love. Things tend to charade themselves as love. People end up being hurt by these things and start believing that love hurt them when in actuality it is that they have never been in love. Love is what is described in 1Corinthians13, not the lust of this world! Lust cuts one’s purpose short. If it hadn’t been for the “women-problem” Solomon had, he would have become much more than what he became.

We have to learn to differentiate love and attraction. Not everything we are attracted is good for us!


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We were very blessed to witness the baptism of our brothers and sisters who made a personal decision to join in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. It was more than emersion into the waters of that swimming pool; it was a spiritual work that involved the trading of the old life for the new life in union with Christ. I believe that when we were cheering for them as they taken into the waters, Heaven was also cheering for them!

It was at around 16h00 when the baptism was concluded. That was when playtime started. Some went swimming, some played soccer while others played board games! It was a different story for JTL Arts and the musical team, as they had to prepare for the evening celebration!

The Celebration

We had our supper at 18h00. This was not just supper, we had braaid meat!  Now the Camp Celebration started! People’s guns were loaded, now we had to witness the shooting! The guys from the music workshop sang praises unto God, and the people were dancing like there is no tomorrow! We had the preachers sharing with us wonderful messages! Saying it like it is! JTL Arts blessed us with a beautiful play. Our sisters Audrey and Ntombifuthi shared amazing poems. Our brother Phomolo shared a compact combination of five worship songs, truly blessed! It was a blessed night we had! Most were tired, but even in the tiredness, we partook in that which God was doing in that place. Everything that was done in that place was a mission of God. It was not just singing and dancing, it was not just workshops, it was not just a play, it was not just board games; it was much more than that. The activities reached out to people who were prisoners in their own bodies. The activities encouraged expression.

This camp was no holiday! We slept late and got up early! That night we slept after midnight, and some had to wake up at 04h00 while others woke up at 05h00. Are we complaining? No, we are being trained to be soldiers!



We started with spiritual exercise – prayer, then physical exercise- jogging, then breakfast to seal the deal!

We had our closing service at the Church hall straight after breakfast. Pastor Ebenezer sealed the package with a powerful message! Intimacy with God! God is us calling us out of the mass into His intimacy. There are things that God wants to do with each one of us, but we have loose free from the mass. The call is not for us to marry Jesus, but for Jesus to marry us. This marriage is sealed by the Holy Spirit. When we live in this communion with the Spirit of the Lord, we do not know where He is taking us. For us to go there, we have to love everything about God. In this marriage with Jesus, he changes our taste; mind and feelings. At the Cross, the place of commitment, God puts nails on our hands so that we do not go around touching everything. It is the love of God that keeps us on the throne. We are not live someone else’ life; we have to live by listening to the revelation of God. In the revelation, we do not choose our battles. God is calling us to the bedroom. Some of the problems we encounter move us to the bedroom; where we live in the sanctuary. The bedroom is a place of power.

Everyone was requested to bring something they loved as gift. After the powerful sermon from Pastor Ebenezer, we exchanged gifts.

We had about thirty minutes free time before lunch. We used that time to say our goodbyes to our brothers and sisters and also taking photos for memories!

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Next Uplifted Life Camp: June 2014


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