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About Uplifted Life



Raise a new generation in South Africa who will be active and successful in their communities, by teaching them to take responsibility for the change they want to see around them, and equipping them to achieve beyond the ordinary.


  • Educational upliftment: Where we focus on giving this nation’s youth a love for useful knowledge, and providing them with the guidance and resources to enable them to rise in their education.
  • Leadership training: Where we build vision and character in youth through youth meetings, camps, and social outreaches. We emphasise the need for each young person to make a relevant and meaningful contribution to the life of the community. This enables young people to take up their responsibility for their communities as they prepare to enter the working environment.
  • Ubuntu: We are strong proponents of South Africa’s Ubuntu philosophy. We believe that “we are, therefore I am” hence we cultivate concern one another, especially those who are the weak and vulnerable. We build in youth the awareness of the needs of the community, motivate voluntary action, and facilitate projects for social upliftment.


–          Youth camps to develop leadership, character and vision

–          Tutoring and mentoring programmes for high schools

–          Tutoring and mentoring programmes for universities

–          Cultivating talent in music and vocalist groups

–          Taking responsibility for an orphanage

–          Organising blood drives to build a wider and more committed blood donor base


This vision was founded by a self-organised group of students at Wits University in 2011. The life of Jesus Christ inspired in these young people the vision of uplifting youth to become tomorrow’s leaders of change in communities, businesses, governments … and all areas of society. Today our activities extend beyond students, and involve diverse organisations, religious and non-religious, to positively impact communities throughout South Africa. Ultimately, Uplifted Life is an on-going collaborative effort to confront the difficult challenges being faced in our communities today.

Contact us

Sello on +2773 638 4837

Audrey on +2771 678 3760

  •  Ask about Uplifted Life at the Wits Volunteer Office

Johannesburg, South Africa.


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