Uplifted Life Winter Camp 2014: “Praise and I”


Venue:       Kimiad Christian Campsite

Location:   Heidelberg



  • Preparation for the journey

As early as 10am on the Friday morning of 20th of June, people were all ready and excited about camp  and started arriving at the Richard Ward building at the University of the Witwatersrand  to drop off their luggage as the journey to the long awaited themed camp Praise and I was about to begin in a few hours.The bus left the Centre of Origins at exactly 1:40pm, heading to the Kimiad Christian Campsite, just outside the southern Gauteng town of Heidelberg. There were three scheduled t rips, all at different times to accommodate everyone as some people were still writing and others at work.

The total number of individuals who attended camp was 120 of which 12 were sponsored for the fee of R450.


journeymusic talent

Figure 1: Journey to the campsite and joy on arrival

  • Arrival

Upon arrival, the bus couldn’t enter the gates of the campsites such that one of the windows got broken, but even a broken window couldn’t take anything away from what was about to happen in the atmosphere and presence of the Lord.

We were greeted by the silence of nature, the beauty of the brown autumn  grass. In a country side peaceful and away from the city buzz. What a better place to reconnect with the source of all life, joy and peace.

scenic view scenery

Figure 2: Kimiad Christian Campsite fields

Males and females were grouped and then divided into groups of 6-14 and then placed in different houses. Uplifted Life unites nations, people of all races, coming from different aspects of lives and all doing different things with their lives. The shared living quarters made it more possible to for social interaction within the campers, which is the ultimate goal of Uplifted Life, to bring about a movement of unity, for the greater mission of uplifting each other, for together, a lot can be accomplished than alone.

  • The Amazing Race

After the last trip was made and all campers had arrived, we gathered around the dining hall, mingling and meeting new faces. Grace, the games coordinator handed out name tags which she explained had instrumental symbols (drums, guitars, saxophones, flutes, microphones, trumpets) assigning each camper to a team. The teams would proceed to compete each other throughout the camp by means of riddles which were to be solved in the quickest amount of time, hence the theme “the amazing race”. This was a team building exercise- an analogy of conquering in unity and working together to achieve a unified end. Everyday at camp a team member collected an envelope containing biblical riddles which we’d solve and then submit. Many thanks to Google for helping us with this task.  On Saturday late afternoon, however, we were given another challenge which, too, in the form of a riddle instructed us to ‘do to our place of worship what the children of Israel and Joshua did to the walls of Jericho’. Although marching around the meeting hall seven times was tiring, it was definitely memorable as on the 7th round each team sung and rejoiced triumphantly, clearly the theme of the camp inspired this.

  • Supper

supper timesupper

Figure 3: It’s supper time!!

Supper was scheduled for 6-7pm each evening and served as not only as a time of eating but a time of fellowship. We gathered around tables (about 10 people per table) and chatted about anything ranging from the day’s activities to our individual talents, shared quite a few laughs and tried not to eat each other’s food, which was hard because it was that good. We often had hot beverages with our supper meals on account of the cold weather, but juice was also abundantly available.

  • Praise service

praise servicefriendship

Figure 4: Praise service and joy

The praise service took place directly after supper and lasted for about 2hours. We opened in intercession followed by praise and worship songs where the impeccable energy was apparent. Visiting musical acts such as Chiqo Kabasu  and Henry took to the stage alongside the JTL praise and worship team and revved up the crowd having us dancing, jumping and singing out loud for Jesus.  We then received the Word from sister Tshegofalo reading from the book of Psalms 150.


  • Prayers

On Saturday morning, the first prayer was held at 5am for leaders and at 6am, there was a prayer for everyone else led by the charismatic evangelist Mduduzi. We interceded according to the given prayer points and received the Word of teaching ministered unto us between the prayers. Best way to start off a day!

  • Workshops

o    Business

The business workshop was very instrumental to the young uplifted campers and their many ideas. The mentor and facilitator of the session was Nathan Gaggs who made his first million while still in varsity at Wits university! This news alone was an inspiration because his story is quite simple. Nathan explains how the greatest resource a student has is time, something he was able to harness and utilise. He further gave a brief explanation of the nature of his business and how it has developed. This information was key in addressing the concerns that Uplifted business men and women had. There are certain ideas that can be shared and implemented while still at university! This really inspired the students who had many questions and who had been seeking a form of direction in their respective business ideas. Some are just starting, some have started, all are inspired! What was most striking about Nathan was his ability to come down to their level in modesty. He displayed a humility that made people easily talk to him, something that may be a rarity among business moguls. Finally, some Uplifted members are going to pilot their business plans at Wits university under the watchful eye of Uplifted Life in partnership with Nathan! Watch this space!

o    Missions in excellence

The Missions in Excellence workshop was run by Annalize Mynhardt of Wycliffe, a missions based organisation. She shared her vision for excellence in the areas of finances and administration, all for the glory of God. She has had a history with Ernst and Young and all the skills she has acquired over the years are now useful in her occupation as she serves Christ in the finance department of Wycliffe. The exciting thing about Annalize is that she has undertaken to work with the JTL Administration team who’s next major event is the “Women of Influence” Conference. One of the tools that she is using to collaborate and work with the different members of the team is the “SHAPE” tool that was developed by Rick Warren. Each letter represents a combination of qualities that are key in discovering where each person fits. ‘S’- Spiritual gifts, ‘H’- heart, ‘A’- abilities, ‘P’- personality, ‘E’- experience. This is a helpful tool and as the event approaches everyone is excited to not only be working towards a unified goal, but to be discovering their gifts as well! All the Uplifted Life campers who attended the workshop even though not a part of the JTL Admin team were uplifted and found deeper significance in balancing school and church life, all for God’s glory. They were greatly encouraged and edified, also, Annalize has made herself available for consultations should anyone need her support. We look forward to having Annalize with us in future camps!

o   Music and choir

The music and choir workshop was presented by the worshipper Henry. Most of the teachings in this workshop was focused on worship and praise, defining and differentiating between these two ways of exalting God. They were taught about the three elements of music, namely; rhythm, melody, harmony. It is important that a singer to do well in all these three elements. During the workshop, the spirit of God came into their presence, and many people were crying, many healed. It is beyond belief to see what God does, when he wants to do it.

o     Preaching

This workshop was presented by Evangelist Mduduzi and Pastor Daniel. Among the many tools that they gave the individuals who attended the workshop, they gave them five things that every preacher should know and do; 1.Know your audience, 2.Know your message, 3.Know the kind of church that you are preaching to, 4.Read your bible, 5.and PREPARE. They were also taught about a vessel, the beauty of this object and its unrecognised value, for people only see the garbage inside it such that no one is interested in it. At the end of the workshop we had four individuals from this workshop demonstrating what they have learnt by preaching to the congregation, based on the given topics. There is a ministry of preachers rising.

o     Woman of Influence

Presented by Sister Elise and Mam Georgette, this workshop focused on teaching the young women in who attended the workshop the importance of being a modern woman in God. A woman of influence is most influential at the heart level, considering how the woman in the bible all made an impact, had a story to their names. As a woman in Christ, it is important to also tell a story, in God. It is also important to work, serve, that is how one gets the crown, recognition. It is important not to only be a Christian on Sunday, worshipping in church yet not seeking to influence people from outside the church.  They were taught about the importance of being humble as a woman, knowing the Holy Spirit, to be able to move with Him.

o    Men of Influence

This workshop was more concentrated on the developing the man of influence in God’s image. Highlighting the things like the character of the co-worker of the man, who would be Jesus Christ. For Christ’s attitude is to complete the work. Allowing faith to convict the self as to be able to finish the work. They were also taught about what God has begun with the man, He will continue until the end of the man’s physical end of life. Lastly that vision comes before execution, meaning that it is important to trust God to do things through us, even before we can why He is doing these things.

  • First session

The first session of the Uplifted Camp theme, “Praise and I” was given by Pastor Joshua of JTL. His  preaching was entitled “What is Praise?” in which he dissected the meaning of praise for us as well as discussing the source of praise, its families, its war-like spirit, and it being a command from God. The beauty about this session is that whether or not you were a Christian something in you was evoked. There was an inspiration to praise, to acknowledge the existence of greatness beyond what the eye could see. Indeed there was an ability to recognise that we carry greatness within us.

pastor Joshua and preaching

Figure 5: Pastor Joshua preaching and his interpreter Gabriel

  • Baptism in winter and the support

After receiving teaching, 7 dedicated individuals were baptised that afternoon by Pastor John Smith and Pastors Ebenezer and Joshua Kiluba. The support was massive as choir singers, some church leaders and congregation members got into the water to show their support as we bore witness to this event. We sung songs of praise as we thanked God for the steps of obedience the baptised individuals were taking.

water baptism

Figure 6: Praise arising as individuals got baptised.

Below is a list of the individuals who were baptised:

*        Hope Mabusela

*        Merriam Matli

*        Boineelo Molokoane

*        Fortunate Mooketsi

*        Mpho Ramokgopa

*        Sihle Ngcobo

*        Shongwe Nkululeko

*        Michella Babalola

Figure 7: Baptism in Winter


  • Pastor Franco and the youth group – healing ( demonstration of God’s power)

That night Pastor Franco and the “Revival Valley Youth Club”, his youth group joined us. The group took to the stage and blessed us n numbers as well as a skit depicting the life of a teenager who loses her way then with the aid of others ends up under the Lord’s wings. It was so amazing that even though these kids come from unprivileged homes, they still have the zeal for life and are informed about their futures, trusting on God to lead the way for them.

youth perfomance

Figure 8: The Revival Valley Youth Club act – giving a voice to the uheard

Pastor Franco took part in this skit, too, displaying his youthful side; after which he ministered the Word of God unto us. He shared his testimony of how God has been using him in the area of healing and he prayed for many of the campers with several physical problems. In the atmosphere of worshipping the Lord, miracles were enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit and faith.


  • Talent show

The talent show displayed diverse creativity with written pieces ranging from singing and dancing, as well as acting under which JTL Arts fits in as they performed a play which had the crowd laughing, gasping and praising. No winners were chosen as this was more of a praise session than a competition, and selecting a winner would be impossible.


Figure 9: Dancing at the talent show

Expression in the arts is the most free where one is usually lost in the Praise for the Lord was amplified, and we were entertained. The greatest lesson learned was the when situations arise, when the devil bothers, God is still God, He loves.

JTL arts play

Figure 10: JTL Arts play

A link to video of Arts Session – Uplifted got talent:

  • Last service

Pastor Eben Preaching

Figure 11: Pastor Ebenezer preaching about identity and his interpreter pastor Joshua

In the last service, we had a teaching about identity and the importance of one to understand their identity in God. To understand God’s identity is vital for a Christian for one who doesn’t the identity of God is insulting Him.

  • Amazing race winners

The top 3 teams with the highest accumulative scores were announced and received gifts which included pretty pens for those in 2nd and 3rd place and for the winners a CD and a bag of goodies. Certificates were also handed out to the baptised individuals as well as to JTL Arts.

  • The journey back

Some had come sad, some had come uncertain about everything; some had come battered by life, but the praise! The Lord and only His presence has the power to revive one and bring back the light in their lives. As we left everyone was euphoric and vigorous to eternally praise the Lord. Their faces were singing “Hallelujah” and it is true that the Lord will retain the joy.

praise serviceJoy

Figure 12: Joy in praise at camp

The journey back was a smooth and quick one – much to our dismay as we couldn’t believe camp was already over. We boarded our respective buses around 3pm and headed back to the University of Witwatersrand where it all began.


Figure 13: New friendships formed through Uplifted Life and families connecting

all together

Figure 14: Union through Uplifted Life


Uplifted Advocacy HPCSA International Health Science Students Information Session, University of Johannesburg, 2014

Medunsa and SpeakersUplifted logo1
Qualifying as a health science student in a South African institution of higher learning does not always guarantee registration with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA). One is required to obtain endorsement from the department of health for registration with the HPCSA. The process is at times confusing for students and as such opportunities to bridge the gap of information is welcomed. The information session had two aims; to explain and clarify the process of registration and to explore possible ways to fast track this process.

The information session was held on the 19th July 2014 at The University of Johannesburg (UJ), Kingsway Campus (APK) at an auditorium located on Level 6 of the APK library. The meeting was attended by 53 students (30 UJ, 17 Wits, 6 MEDUNSA) excluding student volunteers and Uplifted Advocacy Representatives. Invited guests arrived as a delegation from the HPCSA represented by; Ms Kgomotso Nkoane (Acting Senior Manager of Registrations) and Ms Charmaine and the Department of Health’s Foreign Workforce Management Program (FWMP) represented by; Mr Hennie Groenewald (Director of Workforce Management), Ms Wonder Mathlahlane and Ms Motsei Mathibedi. The delegation settled down as the students began to register at the entrance. The Programme director, an Uplifted Advocacy representative Miss Audrey Katsidzira opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and giving a brief context of the gathering.

Speakers networkingStudents asking questions_Fotor

An extensive presentation by Mr Groenewald followed; this clearly addressed the following matters: Foreign Workforce Policy, Immigration matters, Community Service and Medical Internship. Ms Nkoane then gave a comprehensive and concise presentation covering the following: Requirements for registration of a foreign national in South Africa, maintenance of registration in different categories, continuing professional development and internship training in South Africa.

There was some time allocated to the questions that the students had for the presenters. Some of the key questions asked were related to whether there was a difference in the appointment criteria for South African and non-South African students, What the length of the application process was, and if a collective organising on the part of the students would be welcomed by the FWMP. The delegation responded well to the questions emphasising that all applicants were treated the same with preference always being given to South Africans. International students were encouraged to apply at least three months before their student visa’s expired since the length of the process varied from applicant to applicant. Finally, collective organising on the part of the students was accepted however, the DoH emphasised that applications are assessed on an individual basis.

The programme director presented Uplifted Advocacy Head Miss Itumeleng Mafatshe who gave a two-fold address to the attendants. The input firstly presented Uplifted Life Advocacy and its umbrella body Uplifted Life to the audience, the presentation emphasised the pursuit for knowledge, responsibility and initiative as central tenets of the organisation. The second part of the presentation proposed the formation of the International Health Science Students Association in South Africa (IHSSA) which would continue the dialogue between the students and other stakeholders where necessary. The proposal was overwhelmingly endorsed by all international students represented at the meeting.

All in all the session was very informative and much appreciated by all, particularly the students present. A need for another such event was expressed and will be facilitated by Uplifted Advocacy with the IHSSA.

network time_FotorStudents listening to presentations and networking_Fotor

Uplifted Life Summer Camp 2013

22 November 2013-24 November 2013

Campsite: Kimiad Campsite

Location: Heidelberg

Image            Image


Everyone gathered outside Senate House, Wits, where we waited for the buses. The first load left for Heidelberg at around 12h30 and the last load at around 14h30

                                      .  Image

There was one group which had a rather interesting trip to the campsite. The driver of that minibus decided to drop this group off by the road, about 15 minutes away from the campsite because there was trouble with getting to the campsite. This group had a pre camp!

The campsite was very natural. There was a lot of vegetation and the name of the place suggests that there is a mountain nearby. It was a very nice place. We shared rooms in groups of ranging from 5-11.  

The groups which were there earlier had some lunch, and then later on everyone had supper.


Opening Service

After supper, everyone made way to the hall where Church services were held. We had our opening service.


MC: Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba

Main Speaker: Evangelist Mduduzi

Image   Image

The Evangelist’s message was titled: The Word of God. We were taught about the supremacy of the Word of God with a reference Scripture from Psalms. We got to understand that the Word of God is above the Name of God. In the beginning, as John 1:1 reveals, was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. In heaven, salvation was not needed. The name of the Lord has been given to us so that through it we may be saved. In the beginning was the Word…That is why we hear the Psalmist David say that the Lord has exalted His Word above all His names. The Word first, then the Name!    

After the wonderful revelation we received from Evangelist Mduduzi, it was time for the camp attendees to introduce themselves. From the 1st person, to the, approximately, 90th person, people said their names. We heard Pastor Ebenezer say his introduction in Zulu: “ighama lam umfundisi Ebenezer”. That was very classic!

Afterwards, we called it a night.


This was the day where most of the camp activities were done. We started off by a leaders’ prayer at 04h00, then after that there was prayer for everyone at 05h00. We had a very long programme for the day; the prayer made us spiritually fit, but we had to get our muscles ready for the day. Brother Norman and Sister Tshegofalo were our physical fitness instructors. We had an awesome session with them!

Our sisters prepared for us a delicious meal to start the day. The doctors say it’s the most important meal of the day, those sisters added meaning to that! Straight after that, we went to the Church hall where we had our first service.

Lesson 1 with Pastor Joshua


He shared a message titled: The outer garment

There was a need for Jesus to give His body as a sacrificial offering for the forgiveness of sins. There is no love without the body. Although the work of the Cross is a Spiritual work, the body was needed. There is a relationship between the body and the spirit. When the body is bound, so is the spirit. That explains why Satan was fighting the Archangel Michael over the body of Moses.

Before Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, He took off His outer garment and tied a towel round His waist. Why? He taking off His outer garment was a call for His disciples to intimacy with Him. There is no real love without intimacy. The basin, towel and water represent the love. It is time to enter the Love of God.

After receiving the mystery behind the body, we had our empowering workshops.

There were five schools namely: Business and leadership led by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba, Speaking and writing led by Sister Audrey Katsidzira, Preachers led by Pastor Joshua Kiluba and Evangelist Mduduzi, Music led Brother Elijah, and Intercession led by Evangelist Adrian Floor and Sister Sello Molele. The workshops lasted for about an hour and thereafter we had our lunch. Our meal times were used very profitably by the camp attendees in terms of forming new friendships, and learning new languages. One of the brothers mentioned that they learned speaking French!

We received a double portion of anointed preaching on that Saturday!

Lesson 2 with Pastor Mantsha


There is no love that exists out of God. It does not matter if its romantic or family love, if it does not have God, it is not love. Things tend to charade themselves as love. People end up being hurt by these things and start believing that love hurt them when in actuality it is that they have never been in love. Love is what is described in 1Corinthians13, not the lust of this world! Lust cuts one’s purpose short. If it hadn’t been for the “women-problem” Solomon had, he would have become much more than what he became.

We have to learn to differentiate love and attraction. Not everything we are attracted is good for us!


Image  Image

We were very blessed to witness the baptism of our brothers and sisters who made a personal decision to join in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. It was more than emersion into the waters of that swimming pool; it was a spiritual work that involved the trading of the old life for the new life in union with Christ. I believe that when we were cheering for them as they taken into the waters, Heaven was also cheering for them!

It was at around 16h00 when the baptism was concluded. That was when playtime started. Some went swimming, some played soccer while others played board games! It was a different story for JTL Arts and the musical team, as they had to prepare for the evening celebration!

The Celebration

We had our supper at 18h00. This was not just supper, we had braaid meat!  Now the Camp Celebration started! People’s guns were loaded, now we had to witness the shooting! The guys from the music workshop sang praises unto God, and the people were dancing like there is no tomorrow! We had the preachers sharing with us wonderful messages! Saying it like it is! JTL Arts blessed us with a beautiful play. Our sisters Audrey and Ntombifuthi shared amazing poems. Our brother Phomolo shared a compact combination of five worship songs, truly blessed! It was a blessed night we had! Most were tired, but even in the tiredness, we partook in that which God was doing in that place. Everything that was done in that place was a mission of God. It was not just singing and dancing, it was not just workshops, it was not just a play, it was not just board games; it was much more than that. The activities reached out to people who were prisoners in their own bodies. The activities encouraged expression.

This camp was no holiday! We slept late and got up early! That night we slept after midnight, and some had to wake up at 04h00 while others woke up at 05h00. Are we complaining? No, we are being trained to be soldiers!



We started with spiritual exercise – prayer, then physical exercise- jogging, then breakfast to seal the deal!

We had our closing service at the Church hall straight after breakfast. Pastor Ebenezer sealed the package with a powerful message! Intimacy with God! God is us calling us out of the mass into His intimacy. There are things that God wants to do with each one of us, but we have loose free from the mass. The call is not for us to marry Jesus, but for Jesus to marry us. This marriage is sealed by the Holy Spirit. When we live in this communion with the Spirit of the Lord, we do not know where He is taking us. For us to go there, we have to love everything about God. In this marriage with Jesus, he changes our taste; mind and feelings. At the Cross, the place of commitment, God puts nails on our hands so that we do not go around touching everything. It is the love of God that keeps us on the throne. We are not live someone else’ life; we have to live by listening to the revelation of God. In the revelation, we do not choose our battles. God is calling us to the bedroom. Some of the problems we encounter move us to the bedroom; where we live in the sanctuary. The bedroom is a place of power.

Everyone was requested to bring something they loved as gift. After the powerful sermon from Pastor Ebenezer, we exchanged gifts.

We had about thirty minutes free time before lunch. We used that time to say our goodbyes to our brothers and sisters and also taking photos for memories!

Image      Image


Next Uplifted Life Camp: June 2014

Questions Christians Often Want to Ask (cont)

Questions and answers session 2

25th September 2013

The first portion of every Wednesday service at U1, WITS.

Answers provided by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba and Pastor Joshua Kiluba

1.       Since Heaven and Earth will pass away, does this also mean that angels will pass away as well?

A: Angels are eternal, heavenly beings, in as much as demons and the inner man of the human being are eternal. Therefore they will not pass away. The spirits of man live on forever, demons will be in eternal punishment, and angels will remain in God’s service forever. God also has a reward for the work of the angels as well, the angels that have remained faithful to him.

2.       If a person dreams of his/her late grandmother, for example, does this mean that they are now angels communicating to us?

A: Any dream that comes from God communicates the plans of God and will not steer you away. So the key thing about any dream is the message therein. But remember the story of the rich man who dies and did not go to Paradise whilst Lazarus went to be in Abraham’s bosom in Paradise? He was already dead but wished to return to warn his brothers to live aright in order to avoid hell. But Jesus’ answer was that people on earth already have MESSENGERS- the scriptures, the servants of God…and if people fail to adhere to their words then they will not be moved by dreams. Where is the dream taking you? Again Jesus took three disciples to the mountain wherein the transfiguration included individuals who had already passed. So the key thing is determining the source and the message of what you are dreaming.

3.       How paramount is financial prosperity to the 21st century believer? Are Christians who are not wealthy, occupying high workplace positions or esteemed in status any less blessed or anointed or trustworthy with finances? Is financial wealth a standard for the NOW-century?

A: Finances are just a tool and not a goal, which means it could be used in others ways or for other purposes as well. In the last days people will become lovers of money. So it is not that this is the standard of God, but it is the standard of man. People have gone to an extent of tying spirituality to material things, yet our God is neither gold nor silver. Finances help only to attain one goal or another. There are two groups of people in the church-those who separate themselves from the world n regard money as something that they also should not have, and those who believe that the kingdom life includes to a large extent the possession of the gold and the silver. People of God need to know what the purpose of finance is and secondly-what is the purpose of suffering. Look at it critically. The Israelites went from Egypt, to the wilderness and the Promised Land. When you are in the dessert, there is no supply of milk and honey; there is nothing you can do.  The problem comes in when individuals takes their desert phase and makes that the cores standard of life for all Christians. The wilderness experience is meant to help us manage what God gives us, cleanse and purge us of all kinds of affections other than God so that even when God trusts us with money, we will not make it a god. The Promised Land is still coming. The dessert will not last forever. There are people called especially into the area of raising finance for the purposes of the Kingdom for evangelism work. We cannot all be the same thing. God will always ensure that every child of His is taken care of.

4.       Since Christ died before the foundations of the earth were laid and God knew everything that would happen-the fall of man and all the evil that would happen in the earth, does this mean that God knew who would be saved and who would be condemned?

A: If God should create people for destruction then the work of Jesus Christ on the cross would be in vain. There is a condemnation accrued to man without him committing any act. It was by the sin of one man alone that death and condemnation entered the world. God had to work in advance to cover up for all the innocent people who would have to pay for this consequence-people born in a wrong influence. Jesus Christ has died in order to give EVERYBODY a choice. Yes God knows it all, but despite knowing it all He believes in us that there is a chance. I wouldn’t spend R50 000 sending you to Wits if I did not believe the best in you. God cannot make all that investment for nothing. Even if He knows he is giving us a chance. Why is Christ still interceding for us? There is a chance. It is the will of God that all man must be said and come to the knowledge of God.

5.       The Book of Revelation usually mentions innumerable crowds of people from all tribes and languages. Does that verse attempt to show us that there is still room for souls in Heaven (because it is impossible for God to not know the exact number) or will there only be the 144 000 individuals only in Heaven?

A: The door is still open; there is no number that has been set. You can either include or exclude yourself. Not God.

6.       What keeps people from receiving the Gospel when it is preached to them? If two are ministered to- one may be saved and the other rejects the Lord.

A: Before Christ dies, there was this thing in man that was hostile to God. It is that nature of sin that makes man to resist God. The work of Christ destroyed all that. There is no excuse-Jesus has taken care of it. The enemy’s work of opposition can be overcome. Jesus has already overcome and this gives us confidence to pray and preached because we know of the enemy’s defeat. Satan fights not because he has victory-he still fights a losing battling. Sometimes the enemy places a veil over people so that they may not receive the word in the mind it is being spoken. Prayer and the revealed word can break that the cross, Christ said “it is finished”. Some churched don’t evangelise anymore because it is written that nobody can come to Jesus Christ lest the Father draws him. But then what about another scripture that says that if I (Jesus Christ) be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself. So if people are not drawn to the Lord, it means that the Church is not lifting Him up high enough heaven was planned for but hell was only created AFTER the enemy rebelled and it was then prepared for him and his angels for punishment. Everyone has the same potential to be saved.

7.       What happens when a person dies?

A: Read Luke 16:19-31. When a person dies, the soul returns to the Lord to await the reward and the body returns to the earth to be as dust again.

8.       If a Christian woman is being physically and verbally abused by her husband who not only professes to be Christian as well but also abuses the children, what is she to do in that circumstance? Is divorce the only permanent protection for her and her kids? What about the fact that it is the man given liberty to divorce the wife and not the other way around? Matt 5:32 and 1 Corinthians 7:10.

A: It does not mean that when you are a Christian that you do not have rights. Romans 13:3-6.  God is behind the establishment of laws that punish harmful behaviours against others even, so even if a pastor goes and hits someone, that pastor must then live with the legal consequences thereafter. God wants us to be the good citizens, the light of the world. Again, there are certain Christian issues that cannot be taken to court for dealing because the Constitution does not facilitate such. So there are some issues that God has given to human beings to judge, others to Himself, and some to the elders. As much as we have rights, we must be able to assess. If the Lord could take someone away from you and put them in prison, it is saying that this person is a danger to your existence. Approach of the bible: when there is an issue, start resolving it in the church. But when the abuser does not submit even to the authority of the church, then it is dangerous. Then introduce the hand and authority of the law, after having had weigh everything via the wisdom of the church leaders. Lastly, let no man put asunder what God has put together. It is not the man who puts together, but it is God. Only God has the last say as to whether the couple should go forward or stop-neither the man nor the woman.

9.        Is getting married to a divorced individual a new revelation that we are not aware of? Since the Bible says that adultery is committed in this instance.

A: God desires mercy and not sacrifice. Sometimes we want to apply the rule from heaven as it is, but sometimes things are much more complex. The Bible is key, however, in certain regards we need to stop first because the letter kills and the Spirit gives life. Refer to Genesis 38 and John 8 (how would you judge this?). When people chose Christ the past is gone and the new has surely. We cannot take the past marital glitches and tie them to these individuals in case where they occurred before receiving Christ.

10.   Where does the power come from for people who are practicing traditional or ancestral divination?

A: Their power comes from the enemy. There is the power of GOD the power of the enemy. The enemy functions with a power that he had had when he was with God. The Bible also gives an account of false prophets and magicians working not with the Spirit of God but the spirit of the devil. That is why we need to the test the spirit. We must not only be impressed by the ability to do miracles and prophesy only. These people are not connected to God, so their power is not of Him. Nobody comes to the Father except by Jesus Christ-not by other folks’ names. The devil is the father of lies. Lies are any and everything that is not sourced in God. Everything that does not come from God is sourced from the devil, even if some traditional healers will work with bibles-mixing. The things of God are without mixture.

11.   Is God’s mercy limited to certain people while excluding others, for example, if a man wants to marry another man, where and how would mercy apply?

A:  The most important thing is that mercy draws us to a place of repentance. If certain habits and lifestyles were normal to you before Christ, then once you receive Christ they do not count anymore. According to God, you are beginning from square one. In the sense that there is no “stoning” that will take place. Not to condone the sin because the key here is that after Jesus spoke to the crowd about the John 8 woman, He said that she ought to not sin anymore. Therefore, after having had come to Christ and having knowledge of what is wrong and right, then one has to change one’s ways. Now that one has received mercy, there has to be conformity to the ways and the instructions of the Lord. The Lord works a transformation inside of us. If people who are in wrong habits or lifestyles, it would be better if these individuals could acknowledge that they were bound to act or life in a certain way. In such a case then, the church could start to work slowly with them to bring about that transformation. The world works in a similar way- luring people into a lot of things slowly until they are then bound. Salvation is a willing heart, and not just power in the body.

The end of Q & a Session 2

Questions Christians Want to Ask

Jesus To All Languages hosts Q & A sessions just before the Wednesday service in order to answer the types of questions that Christians may find difficult to ask. We found that the issues and questions brought up are intricate to a young person’s walk with the Lord. When we know better, we can always do better and encourage other Christian brothers and sisters to follow suit in doing things God’s way. It all starts with asking a question.

Q & A Session One

18th Sepetember 2013

First portion of Every Wednesday Service @ U1, WITS.

Answers by Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba and  Pastor Joshua Kiluba

How can we be young people in this world who are not burning with all sorts of passions?

A: There are passions that are positive and those that are negative. Positive passions can be drives and interests or a love for something that is good and beneficial, for example, music. A negative passion is something that is of a destructive nature and is meant to take you away from the ways and will of God. You need to ask yourself what passions are taking you and what effect are they having on your life. This calls for wisdom and an honest evaluation of yourself and what you are after. Passions are powerful. Some people get entrapped in passions that they struggle to come out. What are your passions giving birth to? With that said cultivate good and healthy or beneficial passions and weigh them before pursuing them. Weigh the potential effect they will have on your life and walk with the Lord. As for negative passions-RUN! The Bible exhorts young people to flee from all youthful lusts. Not weigh, evaluate or negotiate, but run as far as you can from them.

What do you do when you feel that you want to pray but feel as if something is preventing you?

A: Prayer is a spiritual thing and you are a human being. A spiritual thing must be approached and dealt with from a spiritual level. The first thing you must do is to get yourself out the flesh. There is what we call the preparation for prayer by way of prayer in order to subdue the influence of the flesh from dictating whether you will pray or not and even how you pray. If you want what the Spirit wills, the flesh must always come down. It is time to get a thirst, an appetite for prayer. It is this thirst that will push beyond the boredom when it comes to praying, especially when the Holy Spirit is the one keeping you up at night for that main reason.

Is it safe to donate blood? What are the possibilities that the blood donated will be used for ungodly or even satanic purposes, which could be to our detriment or disadvantage?

A: The heart behind donation of blood is really beautiful- wanting to help another life. Do not worry about your blood being used for other things. Are you aware of the fact that so many bad things could be happening to us if the Lord was not the one keeping us? The wicked do not need blood alone-they can use strands of your hair; portions of your sweat…all carry tour DNA. God is taking care of you, therefore do not worry or listen to superstition.

Is it possible for Christians to idolize their leaders or pastors? Where do we draw the line between spiritual parenting and idolatry?

A: Yes it is possible. There is a difference between fanatism (blind following) and sonship in the things of God. Fanatism is very carnal. In fanatism, people will follow or love a servant of the Lord for as long as he/she does what they want or like and in their way. As soon as there is a clash or they find offense in the servant of the Lord, they change completely. Is it not that after Jesus preached He was the bread of life that many of His disciples left Him? Is it not the Corinthian church that disputed as to whether others followed Paul and others Apollos? Idolatry is taking anything or any person and putting them in the place of God. Sonship is about catching and flowing with the spirit of the servant of the Lord-not just outwards works.

 Must females not do the work of preaching in the church?

A: The bible does not contradict itself at all. If God can use even animals to speak His message, then He can surely use a woman. If God can use women in the Old Testament in His divine plans and even cause some to win wars such as Deborah, then surely the foundation has been laid to allow women to rise to the work of ministry. God did not intend to exclude women out of this, for in the last days, daughters, women and maidservants will be prophesying and seeing visions as well Joel 2. In terms of head coverings-the believers of the Corinthian church were bringing matters and conflicts of the home into the church and some issues were tied to the Jewish culture of that time, such as head coverings (a means of recognising authority). In Christ there is neither male nor female, Greek or Jew. With regards to even women’s clothing-women should be decent. In saying that women must not wear pants, let us consider the fact that some men in Scotland and the Arabian wear skirts and dress-like apparel respectively as their societal attire. Thus where does that leave the equation of pants?

Is there life outside of the solar system, or life other than that of mankind beyond our world?

A: What we know is that God created the Heavens and the Earth, with earth being everything material. And we also know that he created man and then made man in His very own image. And we are not told of any other forms of life.

Was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil planted by the enemy as a snare to the people of God?

A: The Bible says that God planted a garden in Eden, so it could not have been the enemy. Adam and Eve were not born as infants from the womb. Therefore even after their placement in the garden, there was much they still had to mature into concerning the things of God. It is not that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was inherently bad, but I believe that eventually-in due time, that God would have allowed Adam and Eve to eat of it…within the right context.

Why is it that people from JTL run around whenever they are praying?

A: I cannot speak for others, only myself. When I am physically active during prayer, it is because of the fire that I feel and it is almost hard to contain. Thus the movements you may see are an outward expression of what is going on inside.

How can we love something that is in our lives, even if it good, but allow it to not disturb our walk with the Lord?

A: The safest thing to do is to take the things that we love and care for and place them before the Lord. Things can get quite messy when we want to love and still keep things for ourselves. Therefore, give it to the Lord and allow Him to keep the loved thing for you-then your love for it will not be out of balance or working against the love and service for Him. Only if it is in His hands. In light of Kin g David- he did not love women as such because the Jewish culture allowed for kings to have many wives. He fell into temptation with Bathsheba-it was not the fact that he wanted another wife which was the problem, but the manner in which he went about it. Thus when his unborn son died, he prayed for the life to be preserved, mourned after the passing away and continued with life again-God was teaching us there how to approach the loss of a loved one. It is not that David did not care.

The end of Q & A Session One




Christ was humble. He obeyed God and even died on a cross.

Then God gave Christ the highest place and honoured his name above all others.

So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down, those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.

And to the glory of God the Father everyone will openly agree, “Jesus Christ is Lord!””

                        -Philippians 2:8-11

Joburg for Jesus (J4J) evangelism is initiative straight from the Lord Jesus’ heart, revealing the way that His eye roams to and fro Johannesburg, especially the Braamfontein area, looking to draw man back to Himself in a very real and true way. This evangelism spanned through two glorious weeks from the 23rd of September 2013 until the 6th of October 2013, being primarily active in two areas-the University of Johannesburg and in the University of the Witwatersrand. A number of activities took place, which also encouraged the Jesus to All Languages family to work together. The main picture and goal in mind was an abundant of the salvation of souls in Johannesburg-to let this city know that her God still awaits her return unto Himself again. This evangelism, salvation and soul-winning is a work done by and through the Lord Jesus Christ Himself-He remains the centre of it all, thus the main theme was “JESUS IS”! As He called Himself I AM THAT I AM, He still remains today!

Wits University: Sunnyside Residence, Jubilee Residence and JCE Residences (Evangelism)

1 October 2013

There is something about the Work of the Lord; one does not need figure anything out, in actual sense, one does not do anything. It is God doing it through them. All that is needed is availability on our side, and God does the rest. There were some resistances opposing this work evangelism in Sunnyside and Jubilee, but JCE was not that difficult. Because it was God it through us, we didn’t have to be discouraged even when we faced minor challenges before the God who had sent us, is the same God who will come through for us. There was some stubbornness in the atmosphere, but as we know, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, when something comes up; we know our place of Power.

Sister Sello Molele led us and helped those who were scared because proper protocol was not followed to understand the Spiritual work done in evangelism and the oppositions thereof. The problem in Sunnyside was that males were not allowed to be inside, but we found that out after they were already signed in and doing the work of evangelism.

Challenges were there in Jubilee as well, protocol again. But, because it is not us doing it but God doing it through us, we were able to go in and share light with those in the dark, encourage those who were down, and meet those who are already in the Lord.

JCE was not a problem because our Brothers remained outside and did the work outside while the Sisters went into the residences.

God is good. His work is not a burden, but a privilege. It does not have to be misery, but Joy, because Jesus Christ bore the pain of the Cross for our Joy.

We really witnessed the power of God. People opened up, some were excited about our visits, while others were not so happy. But in the end, what had to be done was done, and all Glory is to God.

Wits University: Sunnyside Residence Service

2 October 2013

It is not enough to merely invite people to where the feast is happening, but the feast must be taken to them directly. That, we believe, is the heart of the Father. To take the initiative to approach, present and give. The Wednesday evening service was conducted in a common room at Sunnyside and was opened to everyone who was drawn in-even the brothers saw it fit to attend the service. The service consisted of defining what a woman of influence according to the standards and mind of the Lord and this was a prelude to what the remainder of the evangelism week would mean for the ladies.

Pastor Ebenezer of JTL shared the word, announcing this to be an era of grace, “Grace is when God comes to you. The question is what are you doing with that grace? Grace is one of the most dangerous things in the kingdom of God. People can do their business and find that when they pray or sing or preach, they feel the presence and nearness of God. Do not be mistaken0it does not mean that God condones what is wrong, but He is coming to you so that you can change and be better. Wisdom is seeing the effects of your decisions from the beginning (Matthew 25-the parable of the ten virgins)…learn to stretch and come out of yourself. Instead of focussing on what is only enough for now- learn to pray and work like there is a tomorrow. Preparation will always look at the future!”

There are people from Sunnyside who appreciated our visit and we thank God that He is in the work and we are not doing it in vain

JCE: Evangelism Thursday

3 October 2013

Evangelism for females at Wits could not be done without setting foot on JCE territory with the Good News from a Saviour who loves them unconditionally. The 3rd of October was the appointed day for salvation to come to JCE, the Education Campus.

The Open Air  


Pastor Ebenezer preaches Jesus to the ladies at JCE next to the Dining Room


The Open Air attendees join in prayer for salvation, exams and JCE


JCE ladies listening attentively to the message preached by Pastor Ebenezer

Worship, workers and the Word! The stage was set up just for the Lord to be introduced through an open air service wherein Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba was ministering to all with life in itself that JESUS IS! The open air service ran from 17:30 up until 18:30 in the open area next to the JCE Dining Room, situated close to the ladies’ dorms. The heart of the open air is that the Jesus who is preached will reach even those who were unable to physically be present at the site by hearing this Word from as far as their rooms. That is all that is needed for people to start seeking after this Lord-they need only hear of him. That is what it takes for the name of the Lord to be called. Crowds gathered in increasing numbers, listening and participating in prayer for themselves and JCE as a whole.

“So then, “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

But how can people call on him if they have not believed in him? How can they believe in him if they have not heard his message? How can they hear if no one tells the Good News?

How can people tell the Good News if no one sends them? As Scripture says, “How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who announce the Good News.””

Romans 10:13-15

The JCE Revival service

The believers then gathered in B12 at JCE for a Women of Influence Revival service, continuing in the fire and fervour from the Open Air evangelism, at 19:00-21:00. This service was dedicated to encouraging, edifying and restoring the women in the Body of Christ by looking at what her identity really is. The ladies from JTL showcased their gifts by way of leading intercessory prayer, rendering items by way of songs, giving words of encouragement and preaching of the Word, along with the message shared by Pastor Ebenezer on a woman’s identity. A woman cannot be efficient anywhere-be it in the church, at school or in society at large lest she knows who her Father has made her to be. The sum of the attendees featured the JTL ladies from JCE and Main Campus and some new faces from the University of Johannesburg and JCE campus as well.

Wits: Women of Influence Conference

6 October 2013

Do we understand what Women of Influence is about? Do we get the message that is being communicated to us?

It is not about hearing the Word and sitting on it. It is about hearing and doing. Of what benefit is it to hear about Ruth and Deborah, but still come back and accept labels that the world tags on us? There is influence in us, there is an element of uniqueness in us and that is what makes us special. We had heard on Thursday about identity. Our identity is derived from Christ. It only takes knowing who you are.

Guest Speaker: Pastor Mantsha Pheeha

There is a dream given to each one of us by the Lord. The road we are to travel to get where we should get is not revealed to us, but we have to get the destination. Regardless of the challenges, we must be bold in our faith in the Lord.

A wonderful presentation was done by JTL women-depicting the different roles that a woman occupies according to Proverbs 31. The JTL ladies decided to showcase their musical abilities through choral singing.


Pastor Mantsha Pheeha ministering on “the life of Joseph” at Jesus To All Languages, Wits Campus


Worship at JTL as led by Voices of Heaven choir


Sister Tracy ministers in song, along with the Voices of Heaven choir

Testimonials of J4J

What do you think about J4J?

Joburg for Jesus is something that everyone can see for example being at the Matrix. Its structure is a way of publicizing what Christ is all about, because when we set up, it is music and it is loud. Obviously people will notice what we are doing. People ask if they do not know what is going on.

“Joburg for Jesus has brought so many people to God, there were many souls that were won. I saw new faces, which means that the work of God has been done and the grace of the Lord was here. I am glad that we could bring changes.”

“I believe we won souls for God and we have been taught the meaning of being man and women of influence and I have learnt a lot. I am willing to implement this in my life and be a woman of influence-be that woman who will impact the society. I would love if we have J4J every year-more and more.”

“I like how it is done. It is done out there in the open. Sometimes people do not come to church because they feel that they do not belong so when we go to people, it says that they matter and that they can come to worship with us.”

“ I think it was one of those exciting moments when you go out to speak to people and at first you are a bit scared and wonder what you will say to that person but then when you start speaking, you go with the flow and see people paying attention to what you have to say. It was wonderful to have the Lord express Himself through His people like that.”

What was the peak for you? What was THE moment for you?

I loved the revival service at JCE-the preaching on identity. That made me realise that all of have identities even though sometimes we feel like some people are born in church. I learned that we all have a place in God; there is a certain place where each is supposed to be. We are all included in IDENTITY. Nobody is left behind. It makes me ask serious questions, like “where am I going?”

All of them have their different message that taught me something. So I enjoyed everything- I learnt a lot. All of them were really amazing”

“I enjoyed the evangelism we had at JCE because I realised how close to God I get when I evangelise. I feel the presence of God so much and I feel that what I am doing for the Lord is meaningful.”

“I loved seeing the joy that the Gospel gave to people, more than anything. People being receptive to the Gospel and I would like to see more people coming to Jesus.”

 There is no greater joy than to see that Christ is lifted up and that His own is not only recognising Him, but is drawing near to Him. We praise God for J4J! Amen and Amen.

JTL(Jesus Christ to all Languages) Joburg For Jesus (Week 1)


Jesus Is, and because of that, We Are in Him. Redefining our true identity in Christ

Wits: Men’s Residences
24 September 2013

We had had a braai earlier on that Tuesday. Later on, we paid Men’s Res a visit having a wonderful message in our hearts: The Gospel of Christ Jesus. In opening, warriors raised their voices as they were trampling on snakes and wicked forces in Prayer, setting the place on fire, preparing the way for the Word, making crooked paths straight, filling up valleys, and levelling hills in the Name of Jesus. Just to ensure that not only the ones inside the TV room heard the Name that was being proclaimed, I would say it is a stunt that we pulled: we got on tables and chairs and screamed the Name of Jesus!

We were led into a discussion by Pastor Joshua Kiluba under the topic: what can be done to get men to occupy their rightful positions in society and the Church. Something profound was said by one of the respondents. He said that what we ought to do is to let others understand who we truly are, our being in Christ should not be hidden. Another respondent said something very important, that we should not judge others. It is essential to learn that we, who are in Christ, have not been given the mandate to judge, but we have been called to witness.

MC: Brother Tshepiso
Guest Speaker: Evangelist Sandile

Walking under the theme: Jesus Is, Evangelist Sandile shared a message on the Grace of Jesus not only to those wandering about in the trackless desert without true guidance (the lost sheep), but also to those in the house (the lost coin) and also those who were once in the house but failed to acknowledge the authority above them (the lost son). This was a very powerful message, relevant to the theme because at the end of everything, there is only one Man, who is the living Word, Jesus Christ Himself, who saves all by His Grace.

We were led into Worship and Praise by Voices of Heaven under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba

An amazing time we had in the presence of the Lord! Although some were scared at first, they gave thanks for the invitation to fellowship with us at the end. Revival has indeed been birthed in Men’s Res! Men arising! Praise is to the Most High God, who by The Power and Authority of His Name, we were able to bring down Satan and his agents at Men’s Res. Yes, it was proclaimed #Jesus Is
It might have been for a few hours, but what was done was not “playing church”, the message that was proclaimed is surely written on the tablets of the hearts of those in Men’s Res, and it shall remain to influence those who are still making way to Wits.

Wits: Men’s Residences Open Air
26 September 2013

Men’s Res is loved. We paid them another lovely visit; just to give Satan another heavy blow in his face. This time around we went outside, having Jesus proclaimed in the Open Space, shouting His name on the rooftops!

Voices of Heaven, under the leadership of Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba, led us in Worship and Praise.

Pastor Joshua Kiluba shared a message so simple but yet so powerful: Love. Jesus bore the pain of the Cross; He wore a crown of thorns for our redemption, so we should not be held prisoners when Jesus died for us to be free. He died in public, so we must also proclaim His Name in the Open Space. We learned that Jesus was not ashamed of the Cross, He was not ashamed to carry our sins, He persevered so that we can tap into the abundant life God has for us through Him.

Pastor Joshua Kiluba preaching at Men's Res

Pastor Joshua Kiluba preaching at Men’s Res

There was no alter call but, we believe that as we were led in the closing prayer by Pastor Joshua, there were people making serious life decisions to allow Christ to have a home in their hearts forever

We saw that it is true, many know about Jesus, but it is not many who are bold enough proclaim their identity in Christ to the world. However, the shame that people carry when it comes to their identity in Christ was eliminated because we learned once again that because #Jesus Is, so are we!

Wits: Matrix Open Air
27 September 2013

Servants of the Lord still in the fire to proclaim the name of Jesus! We gathered outside the Matrix with Bambanani Brass Band handling the music. People stopped by to listen to the band. When the band was stopped for the time of preaching, they still remained, glory is to God!

Even outside the Matrix, Prayer is of key importance. Somebody needed to clear the atmosphere for the Word of God penetrate people’s hearts

Pastor Ebenezer proclaiming Jesus Christ

Pastor Ebenezer proclaiming Jesus ChristPassersby stopped by to listen

Passersby stopped by to listen

Pastor Ebenezer Proclaiming Jesus Christ

Pastor Ebenezer Kiluba shared a wonderful message calling us into the eternal life through Christ, the life that is constant. We don’t have to make our gods! We just have to receive Christ because He is the everlasting God. What we make out to be our gods we can destroy ourselves.

We are called inside, into the Life of Christ. Outside there is frustration that is brought by the changing world around us. When we live this life, we are free. When we are called to mind to what Christ did at the Cross, we will understand that Christ died so that we can be who He wants us to be. “When you make Him (Jesus) what He is, He will make you what you must be”.

We were called into freedom by the hope-giving message that we heard, Jesus died for all. He is the Saviour of all creation. There is disappointment in the things of the world, But God is constant; His Joy is constant, His Love never changes.

The message reached hearts. There was no alter call made, but hearts were touched. We were led into Prayer by Pastor Ebenezer and those who were touched by the Spirit of God were called for counselling in Umthombo 1.

Wits University: United Praise

28 September 2013


Guest Speaker: Pastor Gavin

MC: Pastor Joshua Kiluba

Exam time has been known to be a stressful time for students. People lose confidence during this time, fear comes in. But this time, we are not doing it the World-way, we are doing it the Christ-way. We have inherited a life of praise through Christ Jesus. The Israelites were crying when they were pursued by the Egyptians. God did not entertain their “drama”, He just asked :”Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on”. How do you cry when God has told you that you have victory? The walls of Jericho were brought down not with stressing, tears, but with Praise. God has declared victory, we just have to walk in.

On that Saturday, Voices of Heaven and Active Worship led us through the service. It was not a time to cry, but a time for praise. The world has a way of making things appear as though it is the end, but we know, our God is not limited by no system. If Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego could stand inside the burning furnace and come out without any injury, what are exams?  The waters swallowed the army of Pharaoh, not the chosen of God. The mind needs to be redefined, we need to know who we are: we walk in Power, Miracles, we live a life of favour.

God is good! Umthombo1 was filled with praises, and Pastor Gavin, very funny, gave us a word to root us in our identity in Christ. We were created to reveal the glory of God.

Wits University: Men of Influence Sunday Service
29 September 2013

The men of Jesus to All Languages stand unmoved and unshaken in their cry and belief of the raising that the Lord is doing in this season-the raising up of men in the Body of Christ
The JTL brothers graced the celebration with white on black attires as a note of unity and distinction and wowed the crowd with a song entitled “Amazing Grace”, an expression of the work of the Lord that every son and daughter of the Kingdom can identify with. Needless to say that the surprise was a sure hit! I do not think that anyone saw that coming. One would maintain that the brothers raised the bar to a new level-as Pastor Ebenezer always emphasizes “it is always better to work together-the Body must learn how to work together”. The man of God, Evangelist Chris Mduduzi, the man of fire ministered on “fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit”. A dynamic visitation of the Lord that was. The servant of the Lord maintains that a man cannot be influential in whatever sphere he finds himself in-be it in the family, the church, and marketplace, university campus, in governmental office or amongst friends unless that man lives a life of fellowshipping with the Spirit of the Lord. There was absolutely no way that the ladies would let the Lord pass them by! The brothers of JTL laid the foundation in taking charge of the service-from the ushering, singing, preaching, intercession, Men of Influence Choir singing and MC’ing- it was a note to say “you can expect the men to do walk in this kind of leadership and service more and more henceforth”.

Evangelist Mduduzi Preaching about the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Evangelist Mduduzi Preaching about the fellowship of the Holy Spirit


Saints listening attentively as mysteries are revealed

Saints listening attentively as mysteries are revealed

The Evangelism campaign is no a show. It is not going around and quoting Scriptures. It is way more than that. It is imparting in people the truth, it is working to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. Because of Noah’s sacrifice that pleased God, the world has escaped God’s curse. It is not just an Open Air at the Matrix, or Evangelism at Men’s Res, it is a spiritual Work that breaks chains now and in the future. All Glory be is to God for the Victory we have witnessed.

Total Freedom!!